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  • Philcon: November 18-20, 2011, Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Capclave: October 14-16, 2011, Gaithersburg, MD
  • Witches Ball: October 8, 2011, Mill Race Village, Mt. Holly, NJ
  • Wild Violet Magazine 10th Anniversary party/reading: October 1, 2011 - Milkboy Coffee, Ardmore PA - 8pm
  • Collingswood Book Festival: October 1, 2011 - Collingswood NJ - 10am-4pm (tentative)
  • Dorian's Parlor: September 10, 2011 Double Tree Hotel, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Between Books: July 23, 2011, Claymont, DE
  • Dorian's Parlor: June 4, 2011, Double Tree Hotel, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Balticon: May 27-30, 2011, Baltimore Marriot Hunt Valley Inn, MD
  • Dorian's Parlor: March 11, 2011, Double Tree Hotel, Philadelphia, PA. The Evil Gazebo theatre performance preview.
  • Philcon: November 19-21, 2010, Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Witches Ball: October 9, 2010, Mill Race Village, Mt. Holly, NJ
  • Collingswood Book Festival: October 2, 2010, Collingswood NJ
  • Between Books: Saturday, August 14th, 2010, 1pm - closing. Reading/Signing with Danielle Ackley-McPhail and James R. Stratton - Claymont, DE
  • Connecticon: July 9-11, 2010 - Not sure if I'll just be in the vendor room or on programming yet
  • Balticon: May 28-31, 2010, Baltimore Marriot Hunt Valley Inn
  • Philcon: November 20-22, 2009, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Faeriecon: November 6-8, 2009, Baltimore Marriot Hunt Valley Inn
  • Witches Ball: Ocober 10, 2009, Mill Race Village, Mt. Holly, NJ
  • Balticon: May 22-25, 2009, Baltimore Marriot Hunt Valley Inn
  • Philcon: November 21-23, 2008, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Faeriecon: October 10-12, 2008, Philadelphia Convention Center


News of the World

9/29/11 - A busy summer, and moreso as we go into autumn.

There's been a few publications, in various places, and an erotic podcast (see for details).

Just as importantly, or moreso, we got The Journal of Unlikely Entomology off the ground in May. We're very proud of the issue, and of all our contributers, and we're quite pleased with the positive review we received from Locus. Issue 1 featured stories by J.M. McDermott, Mari Ness, John Medaille, Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, Simon Kewin, Steve Barber, and Nathaniel Lee, with art by Astrid Budi, Lynnette Shelley, Linda Saboe, Seth Fitts, Bryan Prindiville, and Martin Koza. Issue 2 will be out in November, featuring stories by Kirk Marshall, Ada Hoffman, Forrest Aguirre, Samantha Henderson, Brenta Blevins and C.A. Cole.

3/26/11 - I never promised you a rose garden, or even timely updates. Or perhaps I did and forgot. Alas, and alack. This failure to post timely information has spread to my blog as well. I shall endeavor to be better. There is, after all, news.

The Evil Gazebo opened for a special sneak peak performance at Dorian's Parlor earlier this month. "I thought it was a book?" you ask. Indeed it is, but it is a book that tickled the fancy of playwright and director Carole Mansley, recently returned from Adventures Abroad, and we are turning it into a full-length theatrical performance.

The cast for the Dorian's Parlor performance was brilliant. Perfect, really, and amazingly talented. I hope all of them will be involved in the production as it goes forward. I'll have some pictures from that performance up soon. Unfortunately, Dorian's is not an optimal venue without elaborate miking, which we didn't have, so we have no audio on film.

The other big project is the launch of a new webzine, The Journal of Unlikely Entomology. The Journal is dedicated to bug-oriented fiction, and is scheduled to hatch some time in May. A.C. Wise is co-editing with me, and Linda Saboe is the artistic force behind the web site.

What else, what else? Oh, my story "A Perfect Creature" is out in the ebook, Like a Vorpal Blade: More Erotic Tales of Wonderland. Which is, as one might have guessed, a book of Wonderland-inspired erotica. This is not a story my parents should read. My kid should probably also look the other way. The rest of you might enjoy a visit to Smashwords for a preview, or Amazon for the kindle version.

8/20/10 - A bit of a madhouse here, but while I was busily occupied with the slings and arrows, as they say, of outrageous fortune, several things have happened.

First, and likely foremost - The Evil Gazebo came out in paperback form, and is available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powells. It's also at a few select locations in my area - Between Books in Claymont DE, Shady Dog Records in Berwyn, and the Gryphon Cafe in Wayne. We'll expand on that as time and circumstances allow.

Issue 6 of Cemetery Moon is out, containing one of my little tales. I have yet to see a copy of it - hopefully it will arrive next week.

As Outrageous Fortune has eaten a lot of my life this past month and a half, I've managed almost no writing. Some form of my steampunk tale, <i>The Winter Court</i>, a cautionary tale of the perils of cartography, will be appearing in the Dark Quest Books anthology, <i>In an Iron Cage</i>. I don't know yeet whether it will be the original version I first submitted, or the extended play remix that I was in the midst of revisions when life went all to hell. Either way, I strongly suspect that this tale may continue to grow as time passes, until it becomes a novel.

Speaking of novels - <i>Fife & Drum</i>, a novel I began back in 2003, has found new grounding and new organization. I'd managed to get myself lost in its twists and turns, but I've found my way, I think, and will soon forge ahead on this once again.

And most recently, news that arrived not unlike running across a single flower growing wild in a desolate, abandoned lot, pushing up through the broken macadam - my little drabble of a story, <i>Jumping Rope in Fitler Square</i>, has been acquired by Wild Violet Literary Magazine.

In non-writerly news - I have picked up a cheap bass and, with some small modifications, have converted it into a 2-string slide bass (anyone remember the band Morphine?). One of these days, I'll actually form a band...

6/8/10 - A busy few weeks. Balticon has come and gone. All the anticipated titles met deadline and came out and are in my grubby little hands.

In new-story news: I have a story coming out in issue 6 of Cemetery Moon this month. I'm being a bit vague on the title, as I'm not entirely sure which title it'll end up with when it sees print. I'll be less vague when I'm - uh - less vague.

In OTHER new-story news: Circlet Press is putting out two anthologies of Alice-in-Wonderland themed erotica. The first is Like the Knave of Hearts, which are lighter, more romantic tales. The second, in which my story A Perfect Creature appears, is of a darker, deeper nature. That one is entitled Like a Vorpal Blade. Both should be available this month or next in e-book format.

Final edits need to be finished to go to the typesetter for the trade paperback of The Evil Gazebo today. Then, a whirlwind finish of the steampunk story that's due "ASAP." And then, perhaps, I can settle in and finish the damned novel.

5/3/10 - Wow. Been a while since I updated this. Okay, lots of news. Rosie the Riveter Saves the Day! came out back in December in the Adventure issue of Crossed Genres.

In January I fell into a black hole of sorts - shoulder surgery took me out, and I'm only now starting to scrabble my way back into the world. Just in time. Four anthologies that I'm in are all coming out at at the end of this month; three of them are launching at Balticon. These are: Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory, New Blood, and Dragon's Lure. Linda has art in all three of them. The fourth is Barbarians at the Jumpgate, also available at Balticon.

My Sweeney Todd story has at last seen print, in issue 10 of Trail of Indiscretion. That will be available at Balticon as well.

I got a new batch of hand-bound copies of The Evil Gazebo. Three of them are made with a lovely raw silk specifically dyed for this project by David Reyen of Reyen Design Studios (those three will be a little more expensive, due to the cost of the silk). We're still working on getting the paperback in our hands.

Couple more sales - Domestic Disturbance will be featured at Nth Degree Online at some point. I'm not sure when. Another story has been picked up - waiting on details before I say more.

11/4/09 - Dead Souls is up on Amazon, and the new edition of Bad-Ass Faeries 2 is as well. The new edition of BAF2 has new cover art.

Linda's artwork is featured in Danielle Ackley-McPhail's new novel, The Halfling's Court, which will have it's first public appearance at Faeriecon this weekend. With the advent of this book, Linda has officially preceeded me in appearing as a searchable Amazon item.

Linda and my book, The Evil Gazebo, will be launching at Philcon at the end of the month. The launch party is on Saturday, November 21st. This will be a co-launch for The Evil Gazebo and The Halfling's Court, and will be the US launch for Dead Souls. Linda and Danielle and I will be there, as well as Dead Souls contributor James R. Stratton.

We have cover designs done for EG, both front and back, and yesterday saw the first tentative layout designs. The rest will be frenzy and waiting, I fear...

More Linda news: Linda has been asked to provide the inside illustrations for Dragon Lure, which will be out in May. I have a story in that one as well.

9/26/09 - Two stories are up in online zines. Wishing Well is up at Liquid Imagination, and The Flavor of the Air is up at The Daily Tourniquet. (Be forewarned, somehow, all the quote marks in the latter story dropped out when it went up, and I've been unable to get it fixed.)

Dead Souls has launched and is available in the U.K. and Sweden. I'm looking forward to having copies show up on this side of the pond.

The Evil Gazebo is available for pre-order through Dark Quest Books. We're looking to have copies available for Philcon. Which means I'll be at Philcon this year. Assuming everything comes together in time, we're looking to have a co-launch party (with The Halfling's Court, by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, also illustrated by Linda.

9/3/09 - Dead Souls (Morrigan Books) is launching on Sept 19th. It contains my story, "The Collector," which y'all should read. I should have copies available at Faeriecon in November. It's also available now for pre-order through Morrigan Books. It also looks like at this point that a number of my stories will be appearing in several anthologies, all of which are due to launch at Balticon in May of 2010. Go figure. More on that later, once I can actually give a more complete list.

          - Also - you should know that my spousal unit, Linda Saboe (who illustrated The Evil Gazebo) is doing the illustrations and cover for Danielle Ackley-McPhail's novella, The Halfling's Court, coming out later this year.

6/30/09 - Dark Quest Books sent me a contract for The Evil Gazebo. :) There will be a paperback version and possibly a hardback. Also ebook, but I strongly encourage luddite sensitibilities for this book. Linda has worked up a couple new illustrations for the Dark Quest edition.

5/25/09 - The first edition of The Evil Gazebo is over 50% sold.

10/13/08 - The first edition of The Evil Gazebo is 25% sold. I'm somewhat astounded at this. I blame my co-conspirators.

10/3/08 - The first 2 handbound copies of The Evil Gazebo have arrived (and they are beautiful). Artwork still pending from the printer. The book will be available for purchase at Faeriecon in October. Evil Gazebo 8x10 prints will also be available.

10/3/2008 - My story, "The Collector," will be appearing in the Morrigan Books anthology Dead Souls, to come out in March 2009.




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