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The Evil Gazebo

by Bernie Mojzes
Illustrated by Linda Saboe

The Evil Gazebo sits in the middle of an evil lawn by the side of an evil lake, in the shadow of a monstrous mansion. It is always raining on the Evil Gazebo. And when it isn't raining, it is threatening to rain. And when it isn't threatening to rain, it's still dismal and overcast, though some say that it's just the smog.

The evil lawn isn't really much of a lawn. Mostly, it's a thick, black mud, with a few clumps of faded crab grass swimming about.

The evil lake isn't really much of a lake, either. It's more like a murky pond, full of algae and mosquito larvae.

The curtains of the monstrous mansion are thick, black velvet, and they are always closed, except occasionally in the small attic window. Sometimes, two pairs of evil little eyes (belonging to two evil little children who live in the evil little attic bedroom, with its evilly slanted walls) look out of the evil little window, and over the evil lawn, the evil lake, and the evil gazebo, to see if anything could possibly be happening.

Nothing ever was.

Until one particularly dismal Thursday afternoon.

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Forget the rabbit hole: Bernie Mojzes' The Evil Gazebo is a portal into a delightfully twisted world comprised of shades of grey. Join Lucretia and Lithia in their quest as they seek the answer to the penultimate question: "Does it bite?" Tastefully illustrated by Linda Saboe, each copy of this limited edition of one hundred numbered and twenty-six lettered books is individually and uniquely hand-bound by Jess Edwards.

The Evil Gazebo is $50 for numbered copies and $60 for lettered copies.

Contact Bernie to get your own copy.


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