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Not a whole lot has been happening on this front for some years. About four years back I got myself a cheap bass with a decent tone, mucked about with the nut, and turned it into a 2-string slide bass. Fun to play, but I haven't had much time to mess with it, but I've done a little playing around and want to further explore the idea of playing with 2 slides, one for each string. Either via hammering the slide on the string, or "bowing" the string with a glass slide, creating a sort of eerie glissando.

Back around 1999 or 2000, I played bass for Josh Komorowski's band The Love Syndicate, a funky pop band with cello. Lots of fun while it lasted, but when the kids started playing out 5 nights a week, it was too much for this old man.

Before that, I played bass and lead vocals ("singing" being a bit too strong a word for it) for Wet Dawg, a band that practiced a lot and didn't go anywhere. Wet Dawg started out playing Rush-like music (and Rush covers), and then mysteriously got subverted by my more punk sensibilities. We recorded an album's worth of material toward the end, on an Alesis ADAT, some of which makes me cringe (O! Autotune! Wherefore wert thou?), but some of which I actually still like.

The most recent thing out of the archives are some weird jams and sound experiments with Mike Ciul, circa 1991-1994. Mike has digitized the cassettes and put them online. What to call these? Experimental? Avant Garde? Space Rock? All of this is improvised, including lyrics. Laurie Anderson would call this "Difficult Listening Music," some moreso than others. I'm particularly fond of Raining Today and I Dream of Money.

  • 06.5 - Waiting to be Erased
    I'm playing bass, fretless bass, various devices, percussion and found objects, plus some intermittant vocals on tracks 11-16
  • 07 - Tape 7
    I'm on bass, vocals, and misc stuffs on tracks 12-15


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