Greetings from Newark DE. Life and the Internet being the strange interconnected experience that they have become, I came across your memorial to George today while thinking about my early days in computing.

George and I were friends during his high school days (we were both computer geeks at adjoining high schools, Brandywine and Concord - I think he was a year or so behind me) and his early days at Commodore. We lived in a kind of weird parallel existence - he was into gaming from its earliest days and I was on my way to the Military-Industrial Complex (who else was using the old Burroughs machines to do Monte-Carlo models of neutron diffusion in high school?).

While he was at UDel, I was at Mississippi State majoring in chemistry and microbiology and working summers in biological/chemical defense at the Army's research labs. I ran into him on a visit home to Wilmington; he had just started work at Commodore and I was working for the Defense Department. He waxed enthusiastic about gaming and high performance graphics. He almost convinced me to go to Commodore, but my "practical" bent kept me at DoD working first on satellite navigation (he probably wondered why I knew so much about celestial navigation as a chemistry major :-)) and later on sonar data analysis.

Anyway, I enjoyed the short video you have of GRR on your website - he had so many of the same mannerisms as a teen. We were very different in many ways, but we were part of a tight-knit little community of computer addicts. I reflect on those days just about every time I wander into Smith Hall at UDel, where I am still an Adjunct in the Computer Science Dept.

John K Scoggin, Jr.